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What makes Signature Dentistry of Arvada special? Is it the treatment and care you receive from our award-winning doctor and team? Is it the time we dedicate just to you, getting to know your unique goals and concerns? Or is it in our technical ability to design and create amazing smiles? While all those things are true about our practice, they are not what makes us special. What makes Signature Dentistry of Arvada special is our ability to see what is special about you; to envision what is possible for you, and with artistry and passion, create a smile that reflects your best self to the world… the bold, confident, connected you that is just waiting to express itself.

A Signature Dentistry of Arvada patient smiling brightly
A photo of Dr. Michael Woods DDS

At the heart of what we do is a feeling. The feeling you get knowing you will be spending time in a place you enjoy with people you care about and truly care about you. It is about having your mind at ease, not worrying how your visit will go, because you know you are in capable hands that put your safety, health and well being first. It is about spending time in a relaxed atmosphere with positive energy, where good music matters and laughter is common. It is about feeling and looking better – stronger, healthier, and more confident about yourself when you leave our office than when you walked in. Come experience the Signature difference for yourself

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Facility and Amenities

Signature Dentistry of  Arvada is designed to strike a balance between comfortable, casual luxury and clean, safe, sterility. For your comfort, we designed our office to feel like elegant home with natural modern elements. The living room features a slate wall, cozy fireplace, refreshment bar, and complementary coffee. 

The welcome desk and front lobby at Signature Dentistry of Arvada
A hallway at Signature Dentistry of Arvada leading to several comfortable-looking dental offices

Part of providing an exceptional experience is doing all we can to protect the safety and health of our patients and our team. Signature Dentistry of Arvada has separate treatment rooms to help prevent airborne cross contamination. Each treatment room is equipped with a UV HEPA air purifier, and we follow strict CDC and OSHA protocols for sterilization and disinfection. We designed our office this way almost ten years ago because we have always made the health and safety of our patients and team a top priority.

What Patients Are Saying

To discover what it is like to be a patient in our practice, please visit our Testimonials page. There you can journey with patients through videos of their stories of personal transformation, and gain an understanding of the level of care we provide at Signature Dentistry of Arvada.

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