Patient Stories

A patient smiling after receiving a healthy smile at Signature Dentistry of Arvada
“An aerospace machinist by trade, Chris only cared about one thing – would the work last & function as it was supposed to? He credits the engineering background of Dr. Woods for the stunning functional AND esthetic outcome …”

– Chris

“My orthodontist recommended Dr. Michael Woods of Signature Dentistry, so I went for an initial consultation. Dr. Woods and his staff were very warm and professional, and there was absolutely no pressure. They let me know that I could reach out to them with additional questions, and I think they could tell I was hesitant and wanted me to have the time to consider my options.

It was about a year later, after a few more consultations, when I decided to move forward with getting the veneers. Dr. Woods worked in conjunction with Peter Ilie, MDT and Carmen Nicholas, MDT, of New Age Dental Studio designing my new smile to get just the right size and shade match for my teeth. This team of people did an amazing job to put me at ease and address all questions and concerns that I had.

“If you’re reading these reviews and thinking “what kind of dentist gets all 5-star reviews”, that dentist is Dr. Michael Woods! I’ve only had one dentist or physician of any kind where I feel obligated to refer people, and that’s how I feel about this practice! Dr. Woods is very knowledgeable and personal and the staff of hygienists (I have worked exclusively with Terrah and I think it’s cool that they seem to try to keep that consistent as well) is great. The Official Dentist of the YPGP!

A patient with a healthy smile resting his chin on his hands
“I personally hate going to the dentist and actually went 7 years between checkups when I moved to the Denver area. A friend recommended Dr. Woods and I couldn’t be happier. He is a younger dentist and easy to talk to. He listened to exactly what I had to say and was able to quickly diagnose and fix the tooth pain issue I was having. It wasn’t anything like the painful and scary experiences I remembered from my last dentist. I have recommended him to all my friends and will definitely be a regular patient.”

“Dr. Woods and his staff are absolutely 1st rate. They worked with me to devise and execute a plan for the substantial amount of dental work I needed to have done. Honest, straightforward information so I could make the decisions that were best for me. I could not give a higher recommendation!!”

“Dr. Mike and his staff are awesome! I’ve been coming here for 3 years and have always had great care and experiences with the staff.”

A patient with a healthy smile
“I implicitly trust him.” Lucinda outlines why the process of choosing a dentist comes down to a few extremely important attributes that must be there: artistry, engineering, and empathy, all of which she has found in Dr. Woods…”


A patient with a white smile after receiving treatment at Signature Dentistry of Arvada
“With a background in behavioral psychology and intuition, Sam is uniquely suited to explain why Dr. Woods “He’s not just talented, he’s truly passionate about what he does – he loves it!” Learn more about his cosmetic dental journey…”


” Dr. Woods & staff are the BEST! From standard cleaning to dental implants – so patient, understanding and knowledgeable. Oh, they are a fun group too.”


“I had gone through 2+ years of orthodontics, preparing for my teeth to be fixed, they were in bad shape due to 50 years of grinding, chipping, clinching, & breaking, my yellow/gray teeth(from an antibiotic I was given many times, as a child, while my adult teeth were forming) Dr. Woods was great, talking me through the process, I would be choosing, to fix my teeth & SMILE!!! I was so very impressed with Dr. Woods, I was glad I had been referred to him by Deepa Vyas, my orthodontist, who is also a great professional, in Arvada. Dr. Woods did a lot of measuring, some exrays, & molds of my teeth. All prep work for a beautiful SMILE!!! About a month later, the veneers were ready, & applied to my teeth. My SMILE was complete, for the 1st time in my life, I was comfortable with my teeth, & SMILE!! Dr. Woods really worked wonders for me, & I owe him a great deal of gratitude & appreciation. I will honestly shout my praises, from my soapbox, for Dr. Woods & his office members, proudly!”

“I started going here about a year ago and was impressed by the friendly staff, welcoming environment, and attention to detail. Dr. Woods got my oral health back on track after not having insurance for couple years, within a couple visits. Great having this practice in West Arvada!”


“My husband had a full mouth restoration @ Signature Dentistry with Dr. Woods. His experience couldn’t have gone smoother. Dr. Woods attention to detail was very reassuring in that he anticipated problems therefore preventing them. His entire office works together with great efficiency.”


A patient smiling with straight, white teeth after receiving treatment

Why choose Signature Dentistry of Arvada?

If you’re searching for a dental home, we’d like to invite you to Signature. We’re the perfect fit for those tired of being another number, hungry for an exceptional dental experience from beginning to end. We are also one of the few offices in Metro Denver that can predictably treat complex dental problems requiring a high level of expertise in the areas of cosmetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry. Come experience the signature difference for yourself and schedule an appointment below!

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