TMJ Pain

When the jaw joints suddenly begin hurting or become too stiff to properly move, it can cause pain and interfere with an individual’s quality of life. Fortunately, an experienced dentist can help discover the root cause of TMJ pain and provide patients with safe, effective treatment options.
A diagram of a human head detailing the anatomy of the temporomandibular joint

The Basics of TMJ Pain

TMJ pain occurs in the temporomandibular joint of the jaw, the area where the jawbone attaches to the skull. When an individual is experiencing TMJ pain, the hinge joints on the left and / or right sides of the jaw become stiff and can cause pain in the jaw, head, and neck.

The causes of TMJ pain vary but may include

  • Damage done to the jaw during an accident or injury
  • Erosion or dislocation of the disc in the jaw hinge
  • Arthritis-related damage
  • Frequently grinding or clenching teeth
  • Certain connective tissue disorders

If the following symptoms have developed, it’s in your best interest to schedule an appointment with our dental team:

  • Pain in one or both jaw joints
  • Aching around your jaw joint, including in the ear or neck
  • Difficulty chewing food
  • Locking or popping when opening and closing the jaw, which can make it difficult to fully open or close the mouth
  • Headaches and general facial pain

Treatment for TMJ Pain

Though an issue with your temporomandibular joint can be both painful and inconvenient, TMJ disorders are usually treatable.

When visiting our office to have your TMJ issue evaluated, we will examine your teeth, jaw, and airway to get a general impression of your oral health. From there, we may also choose to take x-rays for added clarity.

Once the cause and severity of your TMJ condition are determined, we will develop a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. Treatment may include jaw exercises, mouth guards, therapies, corrective procedures, or a combination of treatment options.

If you’re experiencing pain in one or both jaw joints, call us at 303-423-0930 and schedule an appointment online at our office in Arvada, CO. Our award-winning dental professionals strive to provide excellent care for residents in and around Arvada, CO, including the nearby communities of Wheat Ridge, Golden, Broomfield, Lakewood, and Westminster.

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