When we think about headaches, our teeth, jaws, and airways usually do not come to mind. However, issues in the teeth, jaws, and airway can contribute significantly to the development of headaches and migraines.

Oral Health and Headaches

Several oral health conditions can either cause headaches or exacerbate existing headaches. Common headache triggers related to oral health include

  • Teeth grinding: Grinding one’s teeth puts pressure on the jaws and increases tension in the jaw, head, and neck muscles.
  • TMJ disorders: When the jaw does not rest in a natural position, or it has become too stiff and tight to move, it may cause chronic pain in the neck, head, jaw, and even shoulders.
  • Sleep apnea: This airway issue can make it to where the body does not get enough oxygen during sleep, which can cause an individual to wake up with chronic headaches.
  • Crooked teeth or oral crowding (link to Full Mouth Reconstruction?): When teeth are significantly crooked or they crowd in the mouth, it can make it to where the jaws do not fit together properly, which can lead to headaches.
  • Poor dental hygiene (link to Preventative?): Tooth decay and poor oral hygiene can cause decay-related pain to move from one spot in the mouth up the jawline, into the ear, or around the head.

Though oral health issues can contribute significantly to headaches an individual may experience, different treatment options are available to repair the issue that’s causing the pain to develop and other conditions that are known to cause headaches are available at our office in Arvada, CO. Call us today at 303-423-0930 and schedule an appointment online.

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