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Dr. Mike Woods

There are just moments when you realize, the person sitting across from you has something special in their DNA. As I chat with Dr. Mike Woods, owner and creator of Signature Dentistry in Arvada, Colorado, it’s not so much what he’s saying as how he’s saying it… his tonality, his command and his calm put you at ease, yet place you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what comes next.

The best way to describe him, is dichotomy. He somehow embodies the quality of perfectionism without the compulsiveness; the methodology without the eccentricity. He’s fully Dr. Woods and fully Mike, and patients experience this incredible balancing act as “the pinnacle of health care.”

“He’s an engineer, and was trained with that mindset of functionality, and systems and perfectionism which you absolutely want in your dentist. Yet he’s also so compassionate, a phenomenal communicator and such a gifted listener” his patient Lucinda says. Her husband Sam echoes. “He just has the intangibles.”

Mike humbly denies this je ne sais quoi though, and says he’s just incredibly passionate about what he does and who he does it for. “I found the perfect outlet in my career for who I am and what I love doing. I feel blessed.”

The more you get to know Mike, the more you understand there’s a simplicity to which he approaches life. His wife and two daughters mean everything to him, and you find that his patients are merely an extension of that family. “When you put the person first, everything else falls into place. You strive for excellence with a motivation that fuels you when it gets tough.” And you see this in his dental educational pursuits, which have never slowed but kept pace with an innate competitiveness that pushed him to excel in athletics and now dentistry, in every facet of the game, from simple fillings to complex smile transformations and everything in between.

A graduate of The Indiana University School of Dentistry, he’s a mid-westerner at heart with all the hospitality and down-home realism that comes from that part of the country. But don’t let his humility fool you… he’s rigorous and definite in his refinement of the field he loves.

From some of the most prestigious continuing dental education pursuits you could take on like the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, The Spear Institute and The REHAB Masterclass Mentorship, to philanthropic ventures like sur•THRIVE where he transforms the smiles of human-trafficking survivors, he walks the talk and never slows in his hunger to better himself. That’s the man taking care of you and your smile.

The degree to which he hunts perfection has been rewarded too, by his peers and colleagues alike who continually vote him one of 5280’s Top Dentists year after year.

While Dr. Woods and his team deliver top-shelf treatment at a level few can mimic, it’s their precision in communication, their desire to listen and their family-centricity that make coming to Signature Arvada unlike anything you’ve experienced before. As his longtime patient Chris says, “At the end of the day, you want someone talented and trustworthy taking care of your health and smile. Mike strives to learn one and earn the other, and has done just that for me.”

A photo of Dr. Mike Woods, the dentist at Signature Dentistry of Arvada

Why choose Signature Dentistry of Arvada

A patient examination room with a dental chair and other dental equipment at Signature Dentistry of Arvada

All dentists are not created equal – either in terms of artistry, training, or experience. Our award-winning team have gone above and beyond in these areas to become recognized experts in transforming smiles with porcelain veneers. Dr. Mike Woods is known for creating smiles that are radiant, beautiful, and so natural they are undetectable from natural teeth. Not only can you expect a smile that brings you new found health, confidence, and happiness, it will be delivered by a team of individuals that truly care for you and your experience, making the overall process as comfortable and smooth as possible. It is our team’s level of expertise and care that makes what we offer one-of-a-kind. We invite you to come see us and experience the Signature difference for yourself!

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